RCH® is a national, face-to-face field services company specializing in customer acquisition and fulfillment, as well as customer retention.

With Fortune 500 clients in the telecommunication, energy and non-profit sectors, RCH® has a proven 40+ year track record of maximizing client growth with the ability to impact a customer anywhere in their life-cycle.

A robust sales and installation division can promote and market any product or service through a variety of tactics including telemarketing, direct mail and canvassing. Our skilled technicians can fulfill whatever measures are needed to ensure your product or service is delivered to your customer in a timely and efficient manner.

The retention division, with a well-trained, diverse group of telemarketing and field personnel, is adept at contacting customers to ensure they maintain your product or service, whether it’s due to pressure from competition or an inability to pay their bill. Where needed this field presence can also retrieve customer premise equipment or other stranded assets.